How To Become A Member

Yearly dues for members are $40.00 for a single membership and $50.00 for a joint membership.

The monies from member dues go toward the renting of the hall and upkeep of the audio equipment.

Your yearly dues will also entitle you to a free copy of the famous yearly CD release of the Society. These CDs are mastered by Seth Winner and often originate from personal libraries of such well known collectors as Lawrence Holdridge and Ward Marsten. Over the past number of decades, these discs have repeatedly gathered critical acclaim for their subtle combining of the familiar with the ultra-rare.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the New York Vocal Record Collectors Society please send a check to the address below. Or you may email Joe Pearce if you have any further questions. You will receive a receipt for your check.

Note: When making out the check please be sure to make it payable to Ed Wolfe (who is the Treasurer of the Society), NOT to Mr. Pearce or to the Society itself.

Send your check to:

Mr. Joe Pearce
116 Norman Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11222

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