VRCS Schedule for 2018

January 12: A Matter of Style - Cary Frumess
February 2: Lauritz Melchior... And The Women - Niels von Kohl
March 9: Joe Pearce
April 6: Italian Opera Composers in Paris (1797 to 1867) -- Eli Jacobson
May 4: Great Singers Around Boston: An Historic Survey -- Ed Tapper
June 1: Setting Standards -- George Henderson
July 6: Opera From Two to Six -- David Weinberg
September 7: Highlights from 2500 Reels - Part III By Donald Colluo
October 12: Claudia Muzio and Other Lost Idols By Harold Bruder
November 2: Three Forgotten Italian Tenors of the 1920s and 1930s By Mel Siegel
December 7: Bring Your Favorite Record

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