Day 8: flying

After the usual high calorie/cholestrol breakfast that the hotel serves (not provides), my limousine (via Michael Kuhn) picked me up at 10:10 and I was driven to the Heathrow Airport. Again, I had a pleasant conversation with the driver and he even left his car and walked me into the airport as far as he was allowed, carrying my somewhat heavy duffle bag.

Because I hadn't gotten much sleep the past two days, I accepted the offer of a wheelchair which I've never done. The flight to Dublin was uneventful. When I went through customs at the Dublin airport, they asked to verify a picture of my duffle bag on a screen. For obvious reasons, they do this with every single passenger.

During the flight from Dblin to JFK, I spent writing my own review of the movie and is pretty much complete. The only flies in this flight's ointment were the consistent periodic blood-curdling screams of a toddler behind me, sounding as if she was tazered. Thank God it was almost comical.

It's grerat to be home but I'm still reeling over the wonderful I've had. Thank you to everyone, on both sides of the pond, for this wonderful unforgettable experince!

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