Day 1: flying

I couldn't have asked for a smoother trip to London. First of all, the car service arrived 15 minutes early, he let me off directly in front of the revolving door at JFK - which could hold a herd of cattle - putting me literally within steps of the check-in desk. An attendant walked me to the gate where I sat for two hours, but it seemed like half an hour. The flight was uneventful and boring which is to be expected. An attendant was waiting for me at the gate in Dublin and walked me to the gate where I waited for my flight to London which took only 55 minutes.

Every single person working for Aer Lingus with whom I came into contact was most helpful, kind and friendly - the ticket agents, attendants and stewardesses. The attendant at JFK who walked me to the plane, returned to the plane, came to my seat and checked to make sure everything was OK. I couldn't have been more pleased.

The flight from Dublin to London provided me with some of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. Forgive me if I wax too eloquently or sound like I've never flown before.

For this flight to London, I was given a window seat. I looked out the window and, to my vision, it looked like there was fog (it was 6am) or the window was dirty. It turned out to be dirty. As the plane slowly taxied away from the gate, a rivulet of moisture started falling down vertically the left side of the window, cleaning it. Then two more rivulets. The plane took off and all of a sudden, many horizontal rivulets happened, from right to left., cleaning the entire window. We were up into the air, going through the white clouds and started traveling on top of the layer of clouds. The plane banked left revealing this pale orange-colored sunlight of dawn on the horizon and above it, endless pale blue sky. When the sun itself was visible, I could literally feel its heat on my face. I looked out my window the entire 55-minute flight to London. What beauty it was.

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