Roulades, High Notes and those "notes piqué"

Each CD: $8

I have compiled transfers from 11 reels of coloratura singing, mostly live and probably all the coloratura arias and scenes any lover of singing would ever want (314 tracks). The performances date from 1937 to the mid 1990s. Many recognizable names such as Sutherland, Sills, Shane or Welting are scattered throughout these reels but there are many sopranos who didn't have much of a career but were blessed with a freakish range and a lack of fear of heights, such as Sonja Poot and Selankova. These reels were compiled beginning in the early 1980s from a well-known collector.

If the reader wishes, I can provide CD transfers of each reel. You can browse the vast list by clicking here.

Finally, if you want 12 Bell Songs, 15 Zerbinetta arias, 28 Lucia Mad Scenes, 7 Una voce poco fas, 19 Doll Songs or any other aria, just let me know. I would think that students of singing would benefit greatly from listening to these performances.


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