inyoureyes / silver satin / white

Welcome mirror

Fauré autographs

Coat check medallions from the Old Met

Replacing Paul Plishka's accompanist

Horowitz recital poster
Double Cattail tabletop fountain to come...

11 of 21 issues of Time Magazine with opera singers on its cover

George Bragg / me at 14
THE MOVIE STARS: Munsel, Lanza

sweet butter / silver satin / white

Southwest corner

Southeast corner view 1

Southeast corner view 2
THE "AFRICAN AMERICANS": Anderson, Price, Tibbett

Southwest corner
THE WAGNERIANS: Flagstad, Melchior, Traubel

North wall view 1

North wall view 2 - Santa Fe Opera, San Francisco Opera
THE GREEDIES: Sills, Pavarotti

Met broadcast poster
THE DIVAS: Callas, Tebaldi


tucson red / white

Door, Yale Giulio Cesare poster

Main view

North wall


inyoureyes / silver satin / white

4 Doors: 106-year-old swatches from the gold curtain of the Old Met

"Snakes", Santa Fe Opera 1968-1969

Doors, bathroom and utility closet

myan gold / silver satin / white

Door, office

North wall

Portrait gallery

nova scotia blue / silver satin / white

9 of 21 issues of Time Magazine with opera singers on its cover

Northeast corner, Souzay exhibit poster, bedroom door

Northwest corner, O'Keefe poster
PRIMA DONNAS: Bori, Garden, Ponselle, MUSIC Magazine covr

Southwest corner, Lalli painting,
PRIMA DONNAS: Pons, Lehmann, Pons, NEW YORKER magazine cover

Southeast corner, Souzay painting
PRIMA DONNAS: Melba, Farrar, Jeritza,

grand rapids / white

Favorite picture of Callas (Norma)

The Medium poster

Peter Meter